A new Canadian Energy Regulator


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The Government of Canada is committed to creating better rules for energy regulation that protect the environment, respect Indigenous rights, and strengthen the economy.

To meet this commitment, the Government of Canada has tabled legislation which would replace the National Energy Board Act with the Canadian Energy Regulatory Act (CER Act), and establish the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) – a modern, world-class federal regulator with the required independence and accountability to oversee a strong, safe and sustainable Canadian energy sector.

How to participate

We are looking for your comments to help shape future regulations.

The following priority regulations are targeted to be developed or updated under the proposed CER Act. This opportunity represents the final round of engagement on these regulations. All comment submissions will be carefully reviewed and considered.

These regulations will enhance certainty and predictability by outlining when time periods in project reviews conducted by the CER may be excluded from the calculation of legislated time limits.


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Current regulations require updating under the CER Act to continue to provide a framework for safely conducting activities near federally regulated power lines.


Comments are closed

What we've heard

These discussion papers continue the engagements that we have been conducting with Canadians to ensure a transparent process. If you would like to learn more about the work we've done so far, check out previous consultations on regulations, the Expert panel's report on the National Energy Board Modernization and the Environmental and Regulatory Reviews discussion paper.

Next steps

The regulations can only be formally finalized following the Royal Assent of the proposed Canadian Energy Regulator Act, which will provide the Governor in Council and the Regulator with the authority to make the regulations. The proposed regulations are being released now in order to inform the ongoing legislative review of Bill C-69 (which includes the proposed Canadian Energy Regulator Act) by Parliament. The proposed Canadian Energy Regulator Act will come into force on a date identified by order of the Governor in Council.

In order to be ready for coming into force, the final regulations would be published in Canada Gazette, Part II, following Royal Assent. As such, these consultation papers seek stakeholders’ input on the proposed regulations. A summary of the comments received, as well as a detailed outline of any changes to the regulatory proposal, will be provided in the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statements that will accompany publication of the regulations, in order to provide industry and stakeholders with as much information as possible on the proposed regulatory requirements.

There will be opportunities to engage on other regulations and policies in the near term to ensure a smooth transition to the new Regulator. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the National Energy Board (NEB) will be seeking input on the Designated Officer Regulations which support responsive and efficient decision-making processes, as well as on the division of costs directly incurred as a result of work done near federally regulated pipelines.

Stay up to date on how the Government of Canada is creating better rules to protect Canada's environment and grow the economy.

Thank you for your continued interest and participation.

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