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Apr 29, 2021 - 10:38

In Canada we have highly flexible CANDU reactors capable of running on various fuel types, and we are progressing towards using SMR's with LEU or HALEU, and SMRs to run on spent fuel. If we take a national approach to develop a coherent closed fuel cycle amongst our different reactor types we would be able to massively reduce our amount of waste, and also almost curtail our need for fresh uranium, particularly if we convert our CANDU's to Thorium reactors. There are so many options to consider. Once-through fuel cycles to disposal creates unnecessarily huge amounts of waste, and at some point in the not too far future we will run out of inexpensive uranium, so now is the time to set our great-great-great-grandchildren up for success with ample green energy and closed fuel cycles. The money set aside for the Deep Geological Repository is more than enough to build fuel reprocessing and recycling facilities, and so funding which is usually the biggest challenge, is already available to actually follow the mantra of waste minimization.

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