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Erwin Dreessen
Mar 28, 2021 - 16:34

With radioactive wastes there is no such thing as disposal in the ordinary sense of the word. These wastes will always be with us. The issue therefore is how they are to be managed in long term storage. Management of storage facilities should be by an independent agency that is arms-length from government and industry. Management processes should be designed to continue in perpetuity.

To the principle of polluter pay should be added the principles of a precautionary approach and pollution prevention.

No storage facility should be near a water way or where leakage could end up in groundwater.

Wastes should always be retrievable.

Transportation of wastes to a storage facillty should be minimized.

There should be complete transparency regarding all policies and practices. The public has a right to know. Indigenous communities should be fully engaged and have right of refusal.

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