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Canada’s Actions to Support Workers and Communities

The Government of Canada is taking action to support workers and communities in the transition to a low carbon economy. We’re taking steps to promote a robust economic recovery, including significant investments in climate action, skills and training and supports for Canadians and businesses facing hardship due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Reducing emissions, strengthening the economy and creating jobs through climate action
    Canada’s Strengthened Climate Plan will create well-paying job opportunities for Canadian workers while reducing emissions. The plan is a key pillar of the government’s commitment to create over 1 million jobs, restoring employment to pre-pandemic levels. Thousands of jobs will be created retrofitting homes and buildings; implementing clean technology solutions to reduce emissions; growing the production and use of clean fuels; advancing renewable energy projects; expanding the uptake of zero-emission vehicles; and more.
  • Equipping Canada’s workforce through skills development and training
    The measures announced in Budget 2021 will deliver almost 500,000 new training and job opportunities for Canadians, enabling them to take advantage of new opportunities, including in clean energy sectors. These investments include the $960-million Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program that will help both workers and employers by supporting solutions to address current and emerging workforce needs.
    The program will connect Canadians with the training they need to access good jobs in key sectors, such as clean energy, where there is high demand for skilled workers. It also includes $55 million for the new Community Workforce Development Program to address national and regional priorities such as decarbonization. It will do this by helping communities develop local plans to identify high growth areas and connect employers with training providers to fill current and emerging jobs.
  • Creating and Maintaining Jobs Through Economic Diversification
    The government has committed $185 million to support coal power workers and communities. This commitment includes $35 million for the Canada Coal Transition Initiative, which is focused on skills development and economic diversification, and $150 million for a dedicated infrastructure fund. This funding was delivered in response to the recommendations of the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities, which delivered its report in March 2019.

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