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Feasibilty Study for Leduc County Business Support Facility

Project: Feasibility Study for Leduc County Business Support Facility

Region: Central Alberta


  • Identified gaps in business support for the region
  • Completed economic analysis informed by community engagement
  • Potential for delivering business support programming tailored to regional needs through a business support facility

Status: Completed

Timeline: Completed on November 2, 2020.

With $70,000 in funding from Prairies Economic Development Canada,Leduc County explored repurposing a local recreation centre into a business support facility.

Project Overview

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Prairies Economic Development Canada provided $70,000 in funding support to enable Leduc County to explore the feasiblity of transforming the fomer Nisku Recreation Centre into a Business Retention and Expansion facility.
The resulting feasiblity study explored how a business support facility can help address local business needs. This included finding solutions to local supply chain issues, increasing access to capital, developing new products and services, and increasing export opportunities.

In addition to addressing business support programming, the study completed an economic analysis and explored the development of specific business supports that are important to the region. These include providing a collaboration space for the value-added agricultural sector, and assisting local advanced manufacturing businesses to integrate new technologies and train their labour force. 


Informed by strong engagement with local businesses, the feasiblity study helped Leduc County to identify gaps in business support for the region, and provided guidance on how to best support local business needs and leverage regional strengths.

Expected Results

The resulting Business Retention and Expansion facility is expected to:

  • provide evidence and data to support the need for the Business Retention and Expansion facility