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Harvest Sky Region Business Development Initiative

Project: Harvest Sky Business Development Initiative

Region: Central and Southeast Alberta


  • 10 businesses expanded, created or maintained
  • Enhanced investment readiness
  • Increased regional collaboration
  • Shared marketing resources, including regional and partner brand development and websites
  • Agricultural Education Resource Centre opportunities
  • Initiation of irrigation projects
  • Community development project

Status: In development

Timeline: March 2023 expected completion date.

Nearly $1.5 million in funding support to help communities in Southeast Alberta’s Harvest Sky Region to attract investment, expand local businesses and create jobs.

Project Overview

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The coal-fired electricity generation sector has been one of the primary employers in Alberta’s Harvest Sky Region (formerly known as the Cactus Corridor region) for nearly 40 years. The communities of Hanna, the Village of Youngstown and Special Area No. 2 have been deeply affected by the Government of Canada’s commitment to phase out traditional coal-fired electricity generation by 2030.

To help these communities in Southeast Alberta transition their local economies away from coal-fired electricity generation, Prairies Economic Development Canada has provided nearly $1.5 million in funding for the Harvest Sky Region Economic Development Corporation.


With this investment, the Harvest Sky Region Economic Development Corporation has begun work on feasibility studies that will provide analysis and strategies to attract new business investments, diversify the local economy and create new employment opportunities for local workers. The studies will cover a range of topics—including labour force and infrastructure assessments, red tape reduction strategies, land inventory, and educational resource requirements.

Expected Results

Benefits flowing from this project are expected to include:

  • expanding, creating or maintaining 10 businesses
  • enhanced investment readiness for the region
  • increased regional collaboration on infrastructure and economic development projects
  • shared resources to market investment opportunities for the region, including partner branding and websites
  • feasibility studies for a potential Agricultural Education Resource Centre
  • the initiation of regional irrigation projects
  • a community development project to enhance investment readiness