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Leduc County Nisku Spine Road Project

Project: Leduc County Nisku Spine Road Project

Region: Central Alberta


  • creation of approximately 950 local jobs
  • attraction of up to 60 businesses
  • development of new opportunities in the region
  • increased safety and reduced congestion on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway

Status: In development

Timeline: March 2023 expected completion date.

The federal investment of $17.7 million to complete Nisku Spine Road will create approximately 950 local jobs and new opportunities for this region impacted by the transition from coal-fired power.

Project Overview

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In June 2021, Prairies Economic Development Canada announced an investment of $17.7 million to complete the Nisku Spine Road in Leduc County, Alberta. The north‒south roadway, once fully constructed, will increase the accessibility of high-volume transportation between the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, the Nisku Business Park, the Edmonton International Airport, and the cities of Beaumont and Leduc.

Federal funding is being provided through the Canada Coal Transition Initiative-Infrastructure Fund (CCTI-IF). Previous federal government funding to construct portions of the Nisku Spine Road includes $7.3 million in 2015 and $2.3 million in 2009 through Infrastructure Canada.


The project is expected to act as an economic catalyst that will attract investment and create new business opportunities in the region. Leduc County is home to a coal mine and a generating station that have been key contributors to the County’s tax base since 1988. An economic study commissioned by the County anticipates that the completion of the Nisku Spine Road will offset losses resulting from the move away from coal-fired electricity generation.

Expected Results

Benefits flowing from this project are expected to include:

  • the creation of approximately 950 local jobs
  • attracting up to 60 businesses
  • the development of new opportunities for business expansion throughout Leduc County and surrounding areas
  • reduced congestion and improved safety on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, Alberta’s busiest highway connecting Edmonton and Calgary
  • the provision of a high-capacity link between 41st Avenue and Airport Road