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New Warehouse in Belledune for Maritime Terminal Operator and Stevedore QSL

Project: QSL Wood Pellet Warehouse  

Region: New Brunswick


  • Creating 17 FTE jobs and sustaining 136 existing supply chain jobs exporting wood pellets to European markets 


  • The new wood pellet warehouse has been completed, and upgrades to the shiploading system are well underway.

Timeline: Expected completion date of May 31, 2022

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) delivers the Canada Coal Transition Initiative (CCTI) in New Brunswick. The Agency is providing $2.5 million to QSL, also known as the Quebec Stevedoring Company Ltd.

Project Overview

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The community of Belledune, New Brunswick, will be impacted by the phase-out of coal as Canada moves to a net-zero carbon emissions future. It is home to the coal-fired Belledune Generating Station and to the Port of Belledune, a key transportation asset that imports coal for the station and supports a wide range of industrial activities. The transition has the potential to result in job losses at the Port, since the coal that it imports for the generating station accounts for a significant portion of the Port’s revenues.


Through the Canadian Coal Transition Initiative – Infrastructure Fund, ACOA provided $2.5 million to QSL/the Quebec Stevedoring Company Ltd. to build a new wood pellet warehouse and to undertake major technology improvements to the pellet shiploading conveyor system at Terminal 3 of the Port of Belledune.

Expected Results

This project supports job creation throughout the region by increasing the capacity to ship wood pellets made in New Brunswick to markets around the world and mitigating the impacts of a future coal phase-out on workers and communities in Belledune and the surrounding region.