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Port of Belledune Master Development Plan and Green Energy Hub

Project: Port of Belledune Master Development Plan and Green Energy Hub  

Region: New Brunswick


  • Positioning the Port as a Green Energy Hub for industrial expansion and new job creation over the next decade


  • Project is near completion
Timeline: Expected completion date of May 31, 2022

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) delivers the Canada Coal Transition Initiative (CCTI) in New Brunswick. The Agency is providing $1.7 million to the Port of Belledune.

Project overview

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In New Brunswick, there is one coal-fueled generating station in Belledune, employing 125 people. The Port of Belledune, a key transportation asset in that region, stands to be affected the most by the coal phase-out. The transition may result in job losses at the Port, since the coal that is imported for the generating station accounts for a significant portion of the Port’s revenues.


Through the Canadian Coal Transition Initiative, ACOA provided $1.7 million to the Port of Belledune for an extensive series of studies to produce a master development plan enabling the Port to prepare for the coal phase-out, and to expand the scope of its services and client base, with the goal of achieving a more diversified clientele and handling greater volumes of cargo. This project will enhance the Port’s capacity to manage new growth opportunities and create new employment opportunities, thus mitigating the impact of transitioning from coal-fired electricity  

Expected Results

This project is supporting jobs throughout the region by helping to position the Port as a Green Hub for future industrial expansions, creating new sustainable jobs over the next decade.