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Protocase Incorporated

Project: Expansion of the Protocase Incorporated “45 Drives” Division

Region: Nova Scotia


  • Protocase has become a major employer in the area


  • Project is complete


  • Completed in the summer of 2021

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) delivers the Canada Coal Transition Initiative (CCTI) in Nova Scotia. The Agency has provided $1.3 million to Protocase Incorporated.

Project Overview

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Protocase Incorporated is located in Sydney, Cape Breton, a community with a long history of coal mining. Protocase creates fully customized electronic enclosures, mounting fixtures, and accessories for a wide range of corporate clients. The company’s “45 Drives” Division provides data storage hardware and software as service solutions for cloud computing and data storage. This project involves the construction of a new 11,000-square-foot facility to house the rapidly growing 45 Drives Division.


This expansion has enabled Protocase to keep up with the growing demand for its products and to continue its trajectory as a significant local employer with a leading reputation for being a lean manufacturer using advanced manufacturing technology.

Expected Results

Protocase has experienced rapid growth in recent years.The company has become a major employer in Cape Breton and currently has over 300 employees.