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South Saskatchewan Ready

Project: South Saskatchewan Ready Partnership

Region: Southeast Saskatchewan


  • Two new jobs and a regional economic development organization
  • New regional branding and branding support for communities
  • Asset inventory assessment
  • Tourism agreement with Montana
  • Sector-level feasibility study
  • Regional tourism strategy

Status: Ongoing

Timeline: Projects completed by March 31, 2023

Sean Wallace

SSR Managing Director

Almost $1.5 million in Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan) funding supports a partnership for the future economy of southeast Saskatchewan.

Project overview

comunities title

Nine communities in southeast Saskatchewan recognized the need to work together on regional economic development. In 2020, they created the South Saskatchewan Ready (SSR) economic partnership. To support the development of SSR and several of its projects, PrairiesCan has invested almost $1.5 million through the Canada Coal Transition Initiative. The funding will be used to help attract new investors and workers to the region as part of the transition from a coal economy.


The partnership represents the communities of Coronach, Bengough, Rockglen, and Willow Bunch and the Rural Municipalities of Bengough, Happy Valley, Hart Butte, Poplar Valley, and Willow Bunch. SSR helps these communities work together toward a common goal of transitioning their economy from coal to green energy, technology, and innovative industries. The goals also include expanding their strong agricultural sector and enhancing their position as a gateway to trade between the United States and Canada.


In the summer of 2021, SSR launched its brand and announced that a sector-level feasibility study had identified over 78 projects based on local strengths and resources. In October 2021, they announced an international tourism agreement reached with Montana’s Missouri River Country to develop cross-border tourism products aimed at increasing tourist visits in both areas. Additionally, SSR is working on three large projects from the feasibility study, including cleantech derived from natural resources, new agricultural additives to reduce greenhouse gases from agricultural lands, and battery storage. SSR and PrairiesCan look forward to more successes to come from this partnership.