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In Canada, all radioactive waste is currently managed safely in facilities, locations and sites licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is the lead Department responsible for federal radioactive waste policy matters, and is leading a review of Canada’s radioactive waste policy.

Young Canadians, like yourself, provide a unique and valuable perspective to the engagement process and we value your views and input to help us shape the modernization of Canada’s Policy on Radioactive Waste.

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What is radioactive waste?

Radioactive waste is a gas, liquid, or solid that has been declared as waste and contains a radioactive nuclear substance without foreseeable use. Radioactive waste requires careful management and is highly regulated by government agencies to protect human health and the environment.

Where does radioactive waste come from?

At present, radioactive waste is generated in Canada from a variety of activities, including: uranium mining and processing; nuclear fuel fabrication; nuclear reactor operations; nuclear research; radioisotope manufacture and use, facility decommissioning; and the remediation of contaminated sites.

Where are radioactive waste management facilities?

There are radioactive waste management facilities in four provinces across Canada – Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick where nuclear power generation and research is carried out. There are also uranium mine tailings management facilities in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

About the current policy framework

Canada’s approach to radioactive waste management is founded upon the Government of Canada’s Policy Framework for Radioactive Waste. NRCan is undertaking a review of this policy with the purpose of modernizing the policy, and to ensure that it is based on the best available science, continues to meet international practices, and reflects the values and principles of Canadians.

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