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mar 28, 2021 - 15:26

Good evening my name is bill noll and I am a member of Protect our Waterways No Nuclear Waste group of residents in South Bruce in opposition to becoming a compelling willing host community for a DGR.. Our group conducted a telephone poll by an independent research organization of the South Bruce residents in Oct 2020 and found 64 % of the residents are not in favor of a DGR and prior to covid 19 restrictions we created a petition against the DGR signed by 1500 residents.. Despite this high level of support within the community against the DGR ,we are being ignored by the NWMO and our Council.

The NWMO nine step process is not a community driven event rather it is organized to gain support within the community for the NWMO agenda. That is to find a desperate community willing to accept nuclear waste in return for short term economic gains .

In this regard ,we are proposing that you consider adopting the following policy additions to the Canada Nuclear waste policy

1 A social and economic feasibility study must be conducted prior to formal start of a proposed project within the municipality. Must be completed independent of the proponent and not near the end of the siting process as outlined in the 9 step NWMO process.

2. Proponent should not be permitted to fund dedicated staff within the municipality to aid the proponent in the promotion of their project. It is the responsibility of the proponent to educate and informed the community of the merits of their project it is not a municipality responsibility

3. Funding should not be provided to the municipality by the proponent for activities unrelated to the project with the hope of winning support within the community for their project. Called well being or goodwill activities

4. Opposition group(s ) should be provided funding to conduct peer level reviews of studies performed by the NWMO and the municipality.

5. Municipality must demonstrate independence from the proponent.

6. DGR must be designed with retrievability and must demonstrate isolation in perpetuity

7. POW NNW recommendation is to keep the spent fuel at the reactor site until better technology is developed to either hardened the current storage containers or reduce the impact of the highly radioactive elements of the spent fuel..

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