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avr 30, 2021 - 10:47

The regulator should require that licence applicants provide information about wastes that would result from the activity that they are asking to have licensed. This is a requirement of the General Application Requirements of the General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations, section 3 (1) (j):

An application for a licence shall contain the following information: the name, quantity, form, origin and volume of any radioactive waste or hazardous waste that may result from the activity to be licensed, including waste that may be stored, managed, processed or disposed of at the site of the activity to be licensed, and the proposed method for managing and disposing of that waste;

The CNSC does not enforce this regulation. It does not require that waste information is contained in a license application. The failure of the CNSC to require this information creates huge uncertainty with regard to costs and environmental acceptability of new nuclear facilities.

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